[:el]Πανεπιστήμιο Πειραιώς Τμήμα Τουριστικών Σπουδών[:en]Department Of Tourism Studies University Of Pireaus[:]

Research lab

The Laboratory of Tourism Excellence – UPΤourism Lab (University of Piraeus Τourism Excellence Lab) was established in April 2022 (Government Gazette 1904/t.B΄/18.04.2022) and operates in the Department of Tourism Studies of the University of Piraeus, serving the educational and research needs of the Department’s academic fields and contributing to the Department’s connection-integration with the private and public sector businesses and organizations.

The Laboratory’s main mission is to cover the research needs of the Department of Tourism Studies, aiming at the pursuit of excellence for the academic staff, students and partners of the Department. The Laboratory is the vehicle for conducting interdisciplinary and applied research in the field of tourism, benefiting students, the tourism community and society at large.

Through the Laboratory, high quality research is co-created and disseminated to students and the community using contemporary teaching methods. It provides the proper infrastructure for creating suitable conditions for research development in the tourism sector through cooperation with the entire tourism circuit, information exchange, and the creation of applied policies.

The Laboratory conducts actions for the academic excellence of Professors at all levels, supports research-specialized students’ and Professors’ studies, undertakes research work in scientific journals, presentations at international conferences, and organizes specialized scientific seminars and conferences.

The Laboratory provides works of expertise, consultancy, and education to Public and Private Entities in Tourism in the Greek and International Environment. It seeks the extroversion of the Department of Tourism Studies through broader cooperation actions.

Indicative research subjects of the Laboratory are, among others, the following:

  • Strategy and Policy in Tourism.
  • Tourism Marketing of Destinations and Businesses
  • Contemporary Tourism Business Management.
  • Human Factor Management in Tourism.
  • Sustainable Destination Management.
  • Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism.
  • Special and Alternative Forms of Tourism (Health Tourism, etc.).
  • Investment policies in Tourism (Leisure Real Estate, etc.).
  • Regional Development and Tourism (Sustainable Tourism Observatories, Satellite Accounts, etc.).
  • Development and Operation of Destination Management Organizations.
  • Analysis of International Tourism Markets.
  • Sustainable Tourism.
  • Advanced Technologies in Tourism.
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship in tourism (start up businesses, spin offs).
  • Risk Management in Tourism.
  • Cost, Accounting and Financial Issues in Tourism Businesses.
  • Legal issues in Tourism.
  • Tourism Development Issues in Tourism.
  • Quality in Tourism.

Director of the Research Laboratory has been appointed the Assistant Professor of the Department, Sotirios Varelas, while the members of the Research Laboratory are:

  • Assistant Professor Chrysa Agapitou
  • Assistant Professor Sotirios Varelas
  • Assistant Professor Georgia Zouni
  • Assitant Professor Christos Kampouris
  • Assistant Professor Ioannis Katsanakis
  • Assistant Professor Olga Siskou
  • Assistant Professor Alexandra – Paraskevi Chytiri