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Εξάμηνο Μαθήματος  1ο Διδάσκοντες Καθηγητής Λ. Χυτήρης, Επίκ. Καθηγητής Φ. Νταλιάνης
Aim of the course Modern organizations operate in a highly competitive and globalized context which is characterized by a high cost for acquiring and utilizing the necessary resources, turbulent social, economic and technological changes and an increasing demand for socially responsible management practices. It is therefore obvious that the effective management of organizations is a key element for achieving their goals and objectives.  
The objectives of this course are the provision of the fundamental theoretical knowledge and the presentation of methods and techniques, so that future managers have a comprehensive view regarding the meaning and the content of Management, the actions and functions of Management, in order to run successfully a business unit.
Learning outcomes
  • identify the internal and external environment of organizations
  • understand the role of the manager
  • describe the 4 basic management functions
  • identify and set organizational goals and objectives
  • plan business actions and make decisions
  • identify and understand the constituents of leadership so that they can portray relevant behavior at work through the processes of influence (communication, motivation, power)
Brief Contents
  • Introduction to management
  • The evolution of management
  • Planning
  • Organizing
  • Leading
  • Motivation
  • Communication
  • Teams and roles
  • Controlling
Structure of the lesson
1. Lectures
2. Case Studies
3. Invited speakers’ lectures

Written assignments are optional. Subjects, deadlines and guidelines are posted on the E Class course site. Students are responsible for following guidelines, meeting deadlines and submitting their assignment through E Class.

Course Assessment
  • Case studies (compulsory) ------------- 10 μονάδες
  • Written assignment (1- 3 persons) ----- 20 μονάδες
  • Final written exam (compulsory) ------- 70 μονάδες
  • Total -------------------------------- 100 μονάδες
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