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Εξάμηνο Μαθήματος  2ο Διδάσκοντες Καθηγητής Λεωνίδας Χυτήρης (Γραφείο 412)Διδάσκιων ΠΔ/ 407/80
Course objectives - Description Modern organizations operate in a highly competitive and globalized context which is characterized by a high cost for acquiring and utilizing the necessary resources, turbulent social, economic and technological changes and an increasing demand for socially responsible management practices. It is therefore obvious that the effective management of human resources is a key element for achieving organizational goals and objectives.
The objectives of this course include the provision of the fundamental theoretical knowledge and the presentation of methods and techniques for the development and implementation of HR plans for acquiring, educating, compensating and utilizing employees in organizations. 
Learning outcomes - skills acquired At the end of this course, students will be able to
  • Understand the significance and role of HR for the existence, operation and effectiveness of modern organizations.
  • Contribute as future HR executives to the achievement of the strategic goals of organizations.
  • Implement modern knowhow in HR planning, selection, training and development, employee compensation and incentives systems and employee evaluation.
Course contents
  • HRM role and functions
  • Job analysis
  • HR Planning
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Employee orientation
  • HR training and development
  • Employee performance evaluation
  • Incentives, compensation and benefits
Course structure
1. Lectures
2. Case studies

Written assignments are optional. Subjects, deadlines and guidelines are posted on the E Class course site. Students are responsible for submitting the subject of their assignment electronically, for following guidelines, meeting deadlines and submitting their assignment through E Class.

Students performance evaluation
  • Written assignment (ind/group, optional) 20 points
  • Case studies (compulsory) 10 points
  • Final written exam (compulsory) 70 points

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